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Rattan aromatherapy, also known as flameless aromatherapy, is a kind of air freshener and furniture and daily necessities. It contains aromatic liquid. The finished product of aromatic liquid diffuses into the air through the vine, making the air fragrant.

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People in modern life pay more and more attention to the quality of life and health, and also have relative requirements for their own living environment. In hot summer, the high temperature will leave some unpleasant smell in our bedroom, bathroom, and car. If we use some flameless aromatherapy in the room, we can improve environmental health, prevent diseases, and strengthen our physique It can regulate brain function, but many friends don’t know how to use aromatherapy very well. Now let’s introduce the correct use and precautions of rattan aromatherapy.

Usage of Rattan Fragrance

1. Open the bottle stopper, immerse one end of the cane into the aromatic liquid, take it out after the cane is wet, and then put the other end into the bottle.

2. The volatilization concentration and speed of Fiery Rattan can be adjusted by the number of incense sticks! If you want a stronger fragrance, put more (but faster), and if you want a lighter fragrance, put less. It is recommended to have about 2 rattan sticks in the bedroom and bathroom, and increase the number of rattan sticks in the living room or larger space. If it is used in a small space (such as the bathroom), insert a few cane sticks to achieve the effect; If it is placed in a large space, the number of rattan sticks can be appropriately increased.

3. When the aromatherapy is used up, it can be supplemented, and the cane can also be used continuously, which is environmentally friendly

Precautions for Use of Rattan Aromatherapy

  1. Although only a few perfumes are flammable, they should be kept away from open flames.
  2. Avoid taking the fragrance liquid directly into the body or eyes. If you feel unwell after contact, you should consult a doctor in time.
  3. Keep it in a safe place out of the reach of children.
  4. If the essential oil is accidentally poured out, it should be wiped clean in time.

Is Cane Fragrance Harmful to Your Body?

Rattan aromatherapy produced by regular manufacturers does no harm to our human body. For example, the aromatherapy products produced by IKEDA can effectively improve our air quality, and some aromatics can also calm our nerves. For example, some rattan incense placed on the bedside can also promote sleep.

Does the Aromatic Cane Need to Be Replaced?

Yes, it needs to be replaced
There are generally two kinds of aromatic canes on the market, one is fiber and the other is the reed. However, no matter which one is used for a long time, it will be saturated. Once the canes become saturated, they will be blocked, thus reducing the ability to absorb and emit fragrance. Vines that have been used for too long will hinder the transmission of pure fragrance. If they are not replaced in time, the fragrance will not disperse.

How Often Should the Cane Be Replaced?

The aromatic cane should be replaced once every 1-3 months.
The replacement speed of aromatic vines is related to the number of vines. Generally speaking, the more vines, the faster they are used. Rattan aromatherapy mainly uses plants or objects with good water absorption, oil absorption, and volatility, such as vines, herbaceous flowers, reeds, etc., to absorb essential oil into the vines and then emit it into the air. The intensity of the aroma is adjusted by increasing or decreasing the number of vines. The more the number of vines, the more fragrant the fragrance is. The less the fragrance is, the more elegant it is. The more the number of vines is, the faster the aroma volatilization speed will be, and the more frequent the replacement will be.

If you have any other questions about the use of rattan aromatherapy, please leave us message. If you want to buy rattan aromatherapy, you can check our product list, and any questions please contact us.

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