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We are looking for agents and distributors all over the world, now is a very good opportunity to cooperate with us!

If you need a strong OEM factory, please do not hesitate to contact us, we can almost meet all your needs!

Maybe you want to develop a unique fragrance, then we are the most suitable, we have 20 professional perfumers.

IKEDA authorization certificate
Distribution & Brand Agency

Authorized Agent

What's our agent

Ikeda brand agent means that you can use our brand name to sell in the local market, and you can use our brand name for other business activities related to the sale of Ikeda products

How to become our agent

First of all, you need to have an existing business and have marketing experience. We are willing to work with you to grow your business from small to large. We have many successful cases.

Our Agent's advantage

1. Market Protection
2. Market development
3. Price support
4. Exclusive new products
5. Fast delivery

It's time to be our agent

What’s exciting is that we don’t have so many agents around the world, So now it’s easy to be our agent. If you want to develop the business of car freshener, We think is the best opportunity now!



In the past 21 years, we have made thousands of OEM solutions, and we have rich experience for customers’ OEM needs, so if you have customized needs, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Logo Customize

It is very easy to print logos on products, especially we are the source car freshener factory, it is easy for us to do this.

Package Customize

In addition to the logo, we can customize the box of the product according to your needs, of course, we can also design patterns for you.

Product Customize

If you have special requirements for the material of the product, such as the type of bottle, carrier, we can also meet your needs

making fragrance
Top perfumer

Fragrance customization

How to Customize a Fragrance?

First, you need to send us a sample of the fragrance so that our professional perfumers will start developing new fragrances based on your samples.


We do not recommend customizing without samples. Not all fragrances can be customized perfectly. Our perfumers will evaluate the possibility of fragrance customization based on experience.

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