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1. Learn about the benefits of aromatherapy

Different aromatherapy differs in its effectiveness, so we need to be clear about our needs and then choose the right one for ourselves. Generally speaking, aromatherapy is effective in purifying the air, calming the mind, regulating physical conditions, and soothing the mood.

Scene of use for aromatherapy
Scene of use for aromatherapy

①. Purifying the air

Purifying the air is the most basic effect of aromatherapy, and we usually use rattan aromatherapy and candle aromatherapy the most. Because of their long-lasting freshness, they are ideal for use in the bathroom or bedroom. They are very effective in purifying the air and reducing odors.
In addition to this, many people like to place car fragrances or car fresheners in their cars to purify the air inside, which is ideal for use in smaller spaces.

②. Regulate sleep

Modern life and work are more stressful, many people do not have enough sleep and less rest time, so we can choose aromatherapy when we choose the role of sleep regulation aromatherapy. The aroma of lavender, rosemary, sandalwood, and other oriental fragrances can calm the mind and regulate the emotional and sleep state, allowing you to sleep more peacefully and comfortably.

③. Beauty and Wellness

Many women have this aromatherapy oil massage when they visit a beauty salon. So many floral-scented aromas are used for their beauty benefits, such as rose and calendula. By adding a few drops of essential oils to hot water, the evaporated oils follow the water vapor and open the pores of the skin, leaving our skin more moisturized.

2. Aromatherapy Selection 2 Points

glass bottle reed diffuser

There are two main aspects of aromatherapy selection, quality, and fragrance.
A good aromatherapy diffuser will use pure essential oils and we can focus on the raw material composition of the product when selecting. IKEDA only uses essential oils from the world’s top 5 fragrance companies to ensure the quality and health of each of our aromatherapy products.

3. Classification of Fragrance Notes

What are the fragrance notes?

A fragrance note is actually a classification of the scent of a perfume, based mainly on the main scents and fragrances of the perfume. The fragrance notes clearly define the main scent characteristics of a bottle of perfume.

The reason for the existence of the fragrance.

Fragrance notes are what helps consumers quickly select and rule out perfumes based on their preferences without trying them out. And nowadays, when you buy perfume online, you can’t get close to the perfume, so the fragrance notes play a big role.

Types of fragrance notes.

① Chypre


The citrus note is the oldest fragrance, with a history of over 800 years. It is based on lemon, orange, bergamot, grapefruit, and mandarin to create perfume. Citrus notes are fresh but not cloying, and the fragrance is highly acceptable and versatile in its use scenarios, making it the best fragrance for beginners to start with.

② Fruity


Fruity fragrances are fragrances with a core of tropical fruits, usually containing peaches, pears, apples, plums, and strawberries. Fruity fragrances are fruit-based, with the exception of citrus.

③ Floral


Floral scents are more common, with jasmine, rose, lily of the valley, and lily of the valley being a few of the typical ones. Floral notes are the largest family in perfumery, with an exceptionally large number and variety. Not only are there single floral “linear” fragrances, but there are also floral fragrances that are dominated by a single floral note, with other floral notes acting as a foil, and there are also a variety of floral fragrances that are mixed together to echo each other.

④ Green leafy

This scented fragrance has a pleasant and natural smell of grass after rain. The main scent of green leafy fragrances is a green and grassy scent similar to that emanating from leaves or grass, which will evoke a green and lush nature. Green Leaf is a refreshing scent, more suited to unisex or men’s fragrances, and is not usually made specifically for women.

⑤ Aquatic


Aquatic notes are not very old and are the youngest of the fragrance family. Aquatic fragrances smell like fresh air or salty sea air, or aquatic plants, giving a refreshing sensation.

⑥ Oriental


Oriental notes are some of the most exotic notes in perfumery. The perfumers create classical and exotic notes with vanilla, amber, patchouli, sandalwood, and musk. They are called oriental because of the West’s love of the East, and oriental notes evoke a beautiful reverie of the Eastern world. Scents such as musk and ambergris are very strong in flavor.

⑦ woody notes


Classic woody fragrances are typically made with spices such as cedar, patchouli, pine, or sandalwood, and are usually found in the middle and last notes of a fragrance due to their long-lasting nature. Woody fragrances have a dry and warm scent. It gives a feeling of maturity and stability.

⑧ Gourmand

Angel perfumes were created by Thierry Mugler in 1992 using foods such as caramel, chocolate, vanilla, and honey, and as gourmand fragrances became popular. With notes of caramel, chocolate, vanilla, and other foods, these fragrances are filled with lively notes.

⑨ Leather

Leather-toned perfumes are mainly composed of leather, often with tobacco and various woody notes. The origins of perfume are also linked to leather, which in the 12th century AD was made to produce an unpleasant smell, so the locals used herbs such as rosemary, myrtle, and lavender to extract essential oils and drip them onto the leather to deodorize it. Thus was born the perfumed glove, which, with the great promotion of Louis XIII, gave impetus to the whole perfume industry.

You can choose the right fragrance for you according to the above categories of fragrances. You can also check our website fragrance list.

4. Notes on the use of aromatherapy

Aromatherapy oils are not recommended for pregnant women.

The use of essential oils in the early stages of pregnancy can be harmful to the baby’s digestive system which is not yet well developed.
Of course, in the middle to late stages of pregnancy, when the baby is well developed, a small amount of essential oil can be used to massage your legs, which will help to return blood to the legs and improve edema.

Pregnant women

Essential oils are not recommended for babies under one year of age.

Babies have delicate exhalation to and skin and the use of aromatherapy may cause discomfort to them. If you must use aromatherapy, choose something with a milder scent, such as lavender, tea tree, etc. And when you do, make sure you choose high-quality essential oil aromatherapy and that the aromatherapy is not placed where it can be easily touched by the child to avoid accidents.

Aromatherapy is not recommended for people with respiratory problems.

Some aromatherapy diffusers give off a pleasant fragrance when lit, but they also produce tiny particles that can cause respiratory allergies.

It is also important to keep the air flowing in the room when using aromatherapy.

The use of aromatherapy in the absence of air circulation pollutes the air to a certain extent and thus tends to cause oxygen deprivation and fatigue, which may be harmful to people with asthma, rhinitis, and other allergies.

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