IKEDA Freshener Fragrance list

How to choose a good car air freshener fragrance?

Check out the fragrance list below, choose the best fragrance according to the description, of course, you can also tell me your special requirements, we can customize the fragrance for you.


Lavender has a light fragrance, but also has the smell of grass, its fragrance can soothe your mood.


The fragrance of Sakura is very light and sweet, implying love and hope.


The smell of roses will be very strong. This fragrance will make you indulge in the sea of flowers.


Jasmine, looming fragrance, and sweet smell; it’s a little strong aroma when smell close.

White lotus

The scent of white lotus is very light, a bit like jasmine but lighter than it.

Green tea

Green tea has a light tea aroma, it will make you feel the smell of plants in a tea garden.


No one can refuse the beach, the ocean fragrance can make you feel the breath of the sea.


Strawberries, peaceful red, very warm, like the friendship between each other, like love.


Grapes have almost no noticeable aroma and can only be felt when you eat them, so we help you cut the grapes now.


Lemony fragrance, feel instantly on the tip of the nose, the coolness reaches the throat, making people comfortable.

Hami melon

Cantaloupe type, its fragrance is slightly sweet, not so strong nor so light, and not greasy.


Grapefruit fragrance, the smell of summer fruits, is a symbol of full of vitality, let us welcome the arrival of summer together!


Pumpkin flavor, yes, it is the fragrance before cooking, it will make you feel the smell of Halloween🎃.


Lime-flavored, like lemon, but more sour, stronger and more pungent than lemon.


The aroma of peach is very special, it contains a unique aroma, as if it emanates from a pure and beautiful world.


Orange fragrance, the breath of summer in autumn, sour, sweet, with a hint of coolness.


The aroma of green apple is very refreshing. It has a slightly sour top note and a sweet aftertaste.


Caramel, charcoal, chocolate, fruit, grass, malt? Yes, that’s the coffee scent.


The light fragrance will make you not aware of the source of the fragrance, it will make you feel the tranquility of the virgin forest.


Musk’s fragrance is extremely complex, like thousands of flowers are blooming at the same time, mixed with deep woody, earthy, and slight animal fragrances.

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If you can’t find your favorite fragrance in the list, please contact us for support.


Ikeda’s products contain all the fragrances mentioned above and I’m sure you’ll find something you like.