FAQ about car air freshener

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We have collected some common questions related to car fresheners, and we are constantly updating the questions about car fresheners. If you can’t find the answer here, you can also contact us directly by email.
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1. Can perfume freeze in a car

Liquid car perfumes generally use deodorized alcohol as a diluent, so the ingredients of general perfumes are alcohol and essential oils.
The freezing point of alcohol is -117.3°C, so alcohol will not freeze under natural conditions. If your car perfume is freezing, it means it contains water. Car fresheners that contain water are usually poor quality products.

2.Is it illegal to hang air freshener in car

In the United States, some states have laws that prohibit hanging items from vehicle mirrors or attaching them to the windshield on the grounds that they obstruct the driver’s view, and Minnesota, California, Pennsylvania, and Arizona prohibit Drivers hang something near the windshield that would obstruct their vision.

For more details about this question, you can check this link.

Our suggestion is if you don’t want to break the law in some states, you can choose other types of car freshener, such as gel type, solid type, or vent clip type.

3.What is the best car air freshener

Usually, the most important components of a car freshener are the essential oil and the casing, so you should pay extra attention to the quality of the essential oil and the material of the casing of the freshener, and avoid choosing cheap products, because cheap products often use inferior essential oil, which may harm your health.

For different people, there are different criteria to judge the goodness of car fresheners, and there are various styles of car fresheners, you can check this article to know the common car freshener styles.

We have also prepared an article to introduce the top car freshener brands in 2022.
We believe that after reading these contents, you already know what kind of car freshener is the best, and you should have your own judging criteria.

4.Can you hang air freshener in car

Not exactly, in some states in the US, local laws do not allow you to hang anything on the interior mirrors of your car, so you can’t hang car fresheners either, if you really want to hang a car freshener, maybe you can hang it behind the seats.

Our advice is also to try not to choose a hanging car freshener, from a safety point of view, it’s possible to affect the safety of driving, we can choose air vents or desktop type car fresheners.

5.Where to hang air freshener in car

There are many types of car fresheners, usually you can hang the car freshener in the following places.
1. Inside the rearview mirror of the car
2. Behind the seat of the car
Please note that some states in the US do not allow you to hang anything from the rearview mirror of your car, so if you want to use a hanging car freshener, make sure your local laws allow you to do so first.

6.How to use refresh car air freshener plug in

First, snap the clip from the package into its slot.

second, install the fragrance piece into it.

Third, snap the clip into the air outlet.

7.Where to put air freshener in car

Generally speaking, air fresheners are best placed on the passenger dashboard or using the air vent clip type of outlet products. Because the main driver driving best not to put something to block the line of sight or affect the normal driving.

Secondly, the middle of the dashboard is also a good location.

In general, the principle of placing car freshener is three points.

First, the car freshener can not be placed on the airbag, to prevent the airbag from being ejected or obstructed in time when an accident occurs.

Second, the car freshener should not be placed in places that affect the line of sight, such as the front of the driver’s seat, etc.

Thirdly, it should not be placed in uneven places. Some car fresheners do not have the anti-skid ability, so the freshener may move due to vibration or bumps and hinder normal driving. This is very dangerous.

8.What is the best car freshener scent

There are thousands of car freshener brands and scents, everyone has their own favorite fragrance, so it is difficult to define the best fragrance.

According to our product sales experience, usually, floral and fruity notes are the majority of people like the fragrance on the market, I have listed some common fragrances, which can give you references.

9.How to get rid of perfume smell in car

1. All windows open, and the air conditioning opens in external circulation mode.

2. Use an activated carbon air freshener, placed in the car, adsorbed off the perfume smell.

3. Use a portable air purifier to purify the air inside the car

4. If the above methods are still not effective in removing the smell of perfume in the car, you can find an ozone generator car maintenance store, let them help you deal with the ozone treatment, usually pay attention to ventilation, every other week to do it again, twice down the car will definitely not have perfume smell.

10. is it bad to keep perfume in the car

Putting perfume in the car is dangerous because when the sun is exposed to the sun or the temperature inside the car is too high, it may cause the perfume to explode. Perfume ingredients contain alcohol and other soluble mixtures, the physical properties of alcohol have volatile this one, while alcohol also has flammable properties. The temperature in summer can sometimes reach more than 30 degrees Celsius, and some perfume bottles themselves have a spotlight effect, which exacerbates the evaporation of alcohol. After the alcohol evaporates, it turns into a gas, and the volume increases, but since the volume of the perfume bottle does not change, the pressure of the gas in the bottle then rises, and the volatile hole of the perfume is not enough to let the air in the bottle flow smoothly when the perfume bottle will explode.

If you want to keep the air in the car fresh, it is recommended to try to put into the car fragrance bag, air vent clip, solid balm, and other freshener products.