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Ikeda is a supplier specializing in the production of car fresheners, We can provide any car freshener customize services.

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IKEDA is a manufacturer that was established in 2001 and has specialized in producing home car air fresheners for 18 years. 

It’s located in Nanhai zone Foshan City Guangdong Province China. Here air fresheners are our main product including liquid type, gel type, Organic type, Paper Type, wood type, etc. 

We are committed to serving customers and product quality comes first. And our products are certified by SGS and MSDS. We have more than 18 years of professional OEM & ODM experience. 

At present many well-known companies in the world are working with us. Also, we have established long-term friendly cooperation with these companies to provide them with high-quality products and services.  

Now we are committed to creating world-class brand OEM processing manufacturers.

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How to custom paper air fresheners

1. The Benefits of Custom Paper Fresheners

It is a good choice to enhance your brand effect. If you are a chain car beauty shop, then if you give every customer a car freshener with your brand logo printed on it, after the customer leaves your car beauty shop , he will still see your brand every day for the next month and deepen their brand impression.

To meet the differentiated needs of customers, the preferences of customers in hundreds of countries around the world must be different. If the pattern and style of the paper car freshener you design happens to be the trend of the market, then you can quickly occupy the market market, thereby increasing your turnover and helping you make more money.

To improve customer satisfaction, you can design a unique paper car freshener as a promotional gift or holiday souvenir, which will enhance the customer’s shopping experience.

2. Customized details of the paper freshener

Pattern customization, both sides of the paper can be printed with the patterns required by customers.

Shape customization, we can provide customers with various shapes of paper sheets, of course, you can also choose to customize your own shape, we can re-open the mold to produce the shape you want.

Packaging customization means that you can choose the number of bags per package, the material of the packaging bag, and the card head of the packaging bag, all of which can be customized.

Fragrance type and fragrance sticker, you can choose fragrance or fragrance label according to your own needs, which is more helpful for customers to distinguish fragrances and facilitate them to quickly find the fragrance they like. Click here to view our fragrance type list.

The material selection of the paper, we have two kinds of paper, one is cardboard and the other is cotton paper. In comparison, the production process of cardboard is simpler, the printing quality is better, and it is more beautiful. Cotton paper is made of cotton paper. The process is a little more complicated, but its fragrance will last longer.

3. Cost and MOQ for Custom Paper Fresheners

Mould costs, generally speaking, custom paper freshener products will have some additional costs, mainly the cost of the mould, if your purchase amount reaches 2000 pieces, then the cost of the mould will be borne by us.

Packaging fee, the default packaging of our paper products is an OPP bag, if you need to customize the card head or change the packaging material, we will confirm the additional cost according to the price difference of the material.

MOQ, the MOQ of our custom paper type products is usually 1000 pieces, if your purchase quantity is less than 1000 pieces, the cost will be higher.

4. Custom steps for paper freshener

Inform us of your intended purchase volume

Determine the fragrance requirements

The pattern of the product is customized, we will provide you with the customized effect of the electronic version according to your needs until your requirements are met.

Determine the packaging method

Determine the mode of transportation and freight

Sign a contract

Pay the deposit, we will arrange production after the deposit arrives

Feedback on production progress, return the effect of finished products


Pay the balance


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