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What do you need to pay attention to when choosing car fragrances and car fresheners? Today let me show you 6 Important points when choosing a car perfume.

1. Try to choose a car perfume bottle that is easy to volatilize

Many car perfumes in the market also use the same spray design as body perfumes. Due to the small spray port, the gas cannot be discharged well after heating. What’s more, it is quite dangerous to choose a product with a completely sealed perfume bottle. In order to make it volatilize slower and use it for a longer time, it is quite dangerous.

Once the temperature rises and the expanding gas cannot be eliminated, it is easy to expand. Therefore, it is recommended to choose a product with a larger outlet on the top. Although the volatilization is faster and requires relatively frequent replacement, there will be no explosion.

Secondly, volatile car fragrances work better in cars.

2. Choose a car perfume bottle that is not easy to condense sunlight

We all know that magnifying glasses can condense sunlight and heat up objects to burn. Many perfume bottles are made of crystal or glass in curved or diamond-cut shapes for aesthetics. when such products are placed in the car, the sunlight will be concentrated.

In the summer when the sun is shining, accidents very easy to happen. In order to avoid accidents, we can choose plastic materials, or glass frosted materials that are not easy to condense light, reflect light, or absorb heat, which will be safer.

3. Choose car perfume that is not easy to tip over

Today, when many manufacturers design car perfumes, in order to pursue a beautiful appearance, they often ignore the stability of the perfume bottle placed in the car. When we choose car perfume, We have to choose car fragrances that are not easily knocked over.

Try to choose the Air vent type, small ornament type car perfume, this type of perfume is more stable.

4. Choose the car perfume that does not block your view

This is very important for us, Driving safety is a top priority.

Some people maybe ignore this when choosing a car perfume. for example, some beautiful hanging car perfume will Block some view, in some countries, this kind of car perfume is even illegal, Some large bottles of car perfume will also block a small part of the view. so when you choose a car fragrance, please be careful not to let it block any view.

We recommend that you use the air outlet type car freshener or car perfume.

5. Choose alcohol-free or low-alcohol car perfumes

We all know that alcohol is flammable, especially in summer. The temperature inside a car exposed to sunlight usually reaches 70°C, and in extreme cases, it can reach 90°C. Once there are flammable items in the car, a fire is very likely to occur. So when using car perfumes in summer, be sure to choose products with no alcohol content. We IKEDA have a variety of alcohol-free car perfumes, you can consult us for more information. By the way, disinfecting alcohol, lighters, and other flammable items must be placed in places where sunlight cannot be exposed.

6. Don’t choose the one with an inside battery

Nowadays, many car diffusers are rechargeable. These products are very cool, but if the quality is not good, they break easily. Second, these products contain lithium batteries, when items are placed in the car in summer. It will be very dangerous, try to choose a plug-in style or a solar car freshener.

If you are a new user who has never used car fragrances, you can check out my previous article on the best car freshener types, it will help you make your choice.

If you want to start a car freshener business, you can also check out another article, on how to import car fresheners in China.

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Well, the above is the little advice that car perfume practitioners give you about choosing car perfume. I hope it will help you when choosing car perfume.

If you have anything you want to know about car fragrances, please drop us a note or send us a mail.

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