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Ikeda is a supplier specializing in the production of car fresheners, most of our Car Vent Clip Air Freshener products are listed below, if you are looking for car freshener suppliers or manufacturers, please contact us.

In addition to the vent clip air freshener products that have been shown, we have more car air freshener products that have not been shown, please contact us to get our catalog of all products

If you have your own freshener design, we can also produce private label air freshener for you.

We have served more than 1000 customers so far, and we have the ability to provide you with good service.

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IKEDA is a manufacturer that was established in 2001 and has specialized in producing home car air fresheners for 18 years. 

It’s located in Nanhai zone Foshan City Guangdong Province China. Here air fresheners are our main product including liquid type, gel type, Organic type, Paper Type, wood type, etc. 

We are committed to serving customers and product quality comes first. And our products are certified by SGS and MSDS. We have more than 18 years of professional OEM & ODM experience. 

At present many well-known companies in the world are working with us. Also, we have established long-term friendly cooperation with these companies to provide them with high-quality products and services.  

Now we are committed to creating world-class brand OEM processing manufacturers.

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What you need to know before buying car vent air fresheners

1. Overview of Car Vent Fresheners

Car freshener is a natural volatilization fumigation method, adding plant essential oil into the car fragrance carrier, so that it diffuses in the car naturally and slowly, in order to achieve the effect of fragrant environment, sterilization and deodorization, and refreshing.

Vent car freshener is Different from canned car fresheners, they generally use solid freshener tablets as the freshener carrier. When the car is started, the windblown from the air outlet makes the built-in essential oil volatilize, so as to achieve the aroma of the car interior, sterilization, and deodorization. Effect.

cartoon design vent clip car freshener
organic can wood fiber freshener with outlet holder

The use scene of the vent clip car freshener is relatively simple. Usually, it is clamped at the air outlet of the air conditioner in the car, so as to achieve a better fragrance dispersion effect. In addition to using it in the car, you can also install it in the air conditioner in the bedroom. I am afraid that only a very small number of people will do this.

However, in order to meet the needs of consumers to use various types of fresheners at the air outlet, IKEDA has developed an air outlet clip, you can put a variety of canned The fresheners come in our special vent clips so you’ll have plenty of options.

2. How to Choose the Best Car Vent Air Freshener

① Style

There are many options for car vent air fresheners, including various EVA products, breathable film products, metal products, etc.

Generally speaking, if you have higher requirements for the appearance of the product, you can choose fresheners made of metal and EVA materials, because the products made of metal materials will be very textured, and EVA materials must have various designs, you can always find a design you like,

of course, if you have no requirement for its appearance, then the product of breathable film will be a very good choice.

it's a plug-in type vent clip car air freshener
Alloy metal car vent air freshener

② Fragrance

For most people, the core function of freshener products is to freshen the air. At the same time, we also need to breathe purified air, so we should pay attention to the quality of the fragrance oil and the scents type when choosing the fragrance.

The first is the fragrance oil quality. Generally speaking, the pure natural fragrance oil is the best choice, but for consumers, it is difficult to distinguish whether the fragrance is natural and healthy, so we will change our mind and choose those companies that use the world’s top fragrance company products.

Essential oils from these head fragrance companies are not only good quality and healthy, but their oils also tend to last longer, so you don’t need to change the perfume carrier inside your freshener frequently or keep buying new ones.


Fragrance type, according to our experience, most people will accept floral and fruity fragrances, so we also recommend that floral and fruity fragrances be preferred when choosing an air outlet freshener. I have listed some common fragrance types for reference.

Finally, there is a very important point. Try to choose products that do not contain alcohol or have low alcohol content. After all, in hot summer, the temperature in the car can even reach 75°C. If there are flammable substances such as alcohol in the car, will be very dangerous.

3. Market Analysis of Car Vent Fresheners

According to our 21 years of experience, in the global market, People in Southeast Asia prefer pendant car fresheners, gel car fresheners, and liquid car fresheners, while solid car fresheners are more popular in the Philippines.

Consumers in North America compare paper-type products and many consumers in South America like straps. Due to the global huge market, I can not list the market status of each country’s market one by one.

If you want to know which type of car freshener is popular in your market, you can contact us, our market staff will recommend suitable products for you according to the local market situation.

4. Car Vent Freshener Price





Agent price

Customize price

Breathable film freshener

Breathable film+ French fragrance

5 types


0.95 $

1.1 $

EVA freshener

EVA+ Japan fragrance

8 types


0.8 $

0.9 $

Metal vent freshener

Metal + Japan fragrance

8 types


2.9 $

3.2 $

Fiber can with holder

Organic can+ Sweden fragrance

12 types


0.99 $

1.05 $

Please Note: The above price is a reference price, usually we need to make discounts according to your purchase demand, so please contact us for the latest quotation.

If you can not get this list, please also contact us for the price.

5. OEM and Agency Solutions

① Be Our Agent

If you want to become our agent, please refer to the steps below.

a. Contact us and let us know by email or phone that you have a need for a brand agency.

b. Fill out the “Brand Agency Application Form”.
Before filling in, you need to prepare some information about your company: company name, registered address, contact person, website, email, telephone, number of employees, main products, main market, business model, and estimated annual sales.

IKEDA authorization certificate

c. After we receive the “Brand Agency Application Form”, we will review it according to the local market competition and your company information, and usually give a reply within 2 working days.

d. After the review, we will send you a brand authorization contract, which contains the rights and obligations of both parties. If both parties agree with the terms in the contract, then the contract can be signed. If you need to modify or add the terms of the contract, please contact us in time.

e. After the contract is signed, we will issue the “Brand Power of Attorney”. After obtaining the power of attorney, you will officially become our brand agent and enjoy more power and advantages.

Click here to know our agent supports. 

② Customization

If you need private label car freshener products, please refer to the following steps.

a. Contact us and tell us your purchase quantity and specific customization needs (for example stickers, logos, fragrances, materials, film openings)

b. We will provide solutions according to your needs.

c. We will provide quotations according to different schemes.

d. After confirming the quotation, sign the contract, after signing, you can pay the advance payment for the sample order, and we will arrange the proofing production.

IKEDA car air freshener manufacture

e. Send samples or video display for check samples.

f. If the sample is ok, you can arrange the order advance payment for mass production.

g. After the production is completed, the balance payment will be paid and the goods will be shipped.

For the general wholesale process, please refer to FAQ.

6. FAQ

Yes, we are a top car air freshener manufacturer in China.

Not only that, We have almost 21 years of experience in car air freshener production.So it is a wise choice to cooperate with us.

We manufacture car air fresheners and car perfume,such as solid car air freshener,liquid car air freshener,hanging car freshener, paper car freshener, vent clip car air freshener.

Also we are car air fresheners oem factory,We can customize any car freshener for you.

Yes friend. We not only a car air freshener factory,but also a car air fresheners oem and odm factory,Over the past 20 years, over 1000 clients have turned to us for help customizing their car fresheners, making their business better.

So, If you want to custom car freshener,Please do not hesitate to contact us, we would like to do our best to work with you.

1. Get in touch with us.
2. Confirm your needs, our professional sales staff will help you choose the product.
3. Calculate the final price, confirm the shipping method and payment method.
4. Advance deposit, we will arrange production.
5. Complete the production and pay the balance.
6. Shipping.
7. Track Shipping.
8. Customer sign for receipt.

The above process is the most basic process, if it involves product customization, or you have special needs, we will adjust the procurement process for you.

The most important is that we know that the best way to solve problems is to avoid problems.

20 Years of production and sales experience let we can ensure the stability of the quality of goods and on time delivery.

98% Of customers are very satisfied with our services. However, there are also very few cases that require after-sales. When it happened, We will have a specialized person responsible for after-sales problems.

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