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Today I will detail the Top 10 car air fresheners brands in the world for you in 2022.

You know, Car fresheners are becoming more and more a necessity of life. At the same time, there are more and more new coming brands of car fresheners. how choose them may not be easy for newcomers, so This article can help you quickly understand the mainstream car freshener brands

Classification of car air freshener

Before getting to know each car air freshener brand, let’s get to know the car freshener in general.

1. According to the form of fresheners

① Aerosol freshener. Directly place the essence and essential oil in the utensils and let them volatilize naturally. This type of freshener has a more elegant scent due to the low volatility of its essential oils. However, since it is a liquid, it is not resistant to high temperatures.

spray type car freshener

② Liquid freshener. This is formed by mixing essential oils with some solvents that help them evaporate. These liquids generally contain alcohol. The smell is stronger than that of aerosol fresheners, but it is also not resistant to high temperatures.

IKEDA liquid freshener

③ Solid freshener. This is to combine essential oils with some easily plasticized material to form a scented solid. Compared with the other two fresheners, it is resistant to high temperatures and has a more elegant taste.

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2. According to the use of fresheners

① Rearview mirror freshener. This is the car freshener hanging on the rearview mirror of the car. The advantage is that the longitudinal space is utilized, which saves space in the car. The disadvantage is that, on the one hand, it will interfere with the driver’s sight, and on the other hand, it may cause some unnecessary damage.

② Air conditioner vent freshener. This is the freshener clipped to the front air conditioner vents. The advantage is that due to the air-conditioning wind, the car can be quickly filled with aroma; it does not affect the driver’s driving. The disadvantage is faster release.

③ Flat seat freshener. The freshener is placed on the front center console or on the armrest box. The advantage is that there is more space for design, so the shapes are more beautiful. The disadvantage is that such a placement is likely to cause secondary damage.

Top 10 car air fresheners brands in the world

1. little tree car freshener

Little tree, a 70-year-old manufacturer of car fresheners, complained to Julius Sämann about the smell of spilled milk in 1952 when a milk truck driver in upstate New York complained to Julius Sämann. To solve this problem, Julius created the first car air freshener by combining a superior fragrance with a specialized blotting paper material. the little tree brought us the paper car freshener.

Little tree’s paper freshener can be used for up to 35 days, and there are more than 50 kinds of fragrances. Now the little tree has various types of products such as paper, vent clips, fiber can spray, etc. The most famous ones are paper fresheners and Organic fiber cans. Little tree’s paper freshener is also my favorite, you can hang it in the car, on the doorknob, or in the closet to not only purify the air but also remove odors and even make your clothes smell good.

It is worth noting that, Both Little tree’s paper and organic can’s main materials are degradable, which will help protect our environment.

2. Febreze car perfum

Febreze is a car freshener brand owned by Procter & Gamble, headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA. It is also the tenth most acclaimed company in the Fortune 500.

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Febreze’s main product is a car freshener with air vents, Installed at the air conditioner in the car to purify the air in the car so that your car can maintain a high-quality fragrance, which is absolutely different from the inferior car perfume. The fragrance is adjustable. It is popular in Japan and is a must-have for local cars. It is safe and cheap. The 100% fragrance oil lasts for 30 days to deodorize. It is fragrant and refreshing, and it also brings a comfortable driving space.

3. Yankee candle car freshener

The most popular brand of high-end scented candles in the United States, with every product launched with the concept of “sharing the love of fragrance with customers”, Yankee Candle has become the most respected first brand in the candle industry. It is also the best-selling fragrance brand in the United States.
Car freshener is a branch business of Yankee candle.

The main product of their car freshener is paste bottle hanging ornaments. Its packaging design is also very simple, not excessive packaging, and can last for 3-4 weeks. In a high-temperature environment, its fragrance will also stably volatilize, and there are a variety of fragrance types to choose from, which can be used in cars, cloakrooms, indoors, and other scenes.

4. Culti car freshener

Low-key Italian freshener brand.
Culti is Italy’s top freshener brand and the originator of non-flammable diffusers. It pioneered rattan diffusers that broke the shackles of perfumes and candles.

A pioneering change in the fragrance industry. and It is good at creating emotional atmosphere spaces. Culti’s car freshener also adheres to the concept of organic safety. The ingredients are taken from nature, and it is a fragrance that pregnant women and babies can breathe with confidence.

Culti’s car freshener is designed to be installed in a small cloth bag, which is relatively low-key and contains an air clip, which is easy to fix at the air outlet in the car; there are not many choices of flavors, and it is very friendly to patients with difficult choices.

5. BEAST oh scent

Remember the first time you picked up Oh, Scent at Brutalist! When I use the car freshener, the smiling face really attracted me a lot. and the smell let me remember a “deep forest”. The sweet and sour smell of bergamot was mixed. The fragrance of white flowers is instantly refreshing.

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Woody Jang and Katie Kwon founded Korea’s super popular car diffuser Oh Scent!. When they were choosing gifts, they found that there was no product in the car fragrance market that could meet their needs, so they created a car-specific fragrance brand Oh, Scent! With its super high appearance and filling the market gap, it became a hot-selling star product as soon as it was launched.

6. Ikeda Brand Car air freshener

IKEDA’s brand concept is to create a cost-effective car freshener. The famous Chinese perfumer IKEDA founded the IKEDA freshener in 2000. Now it has 4 branches around the world. In the past 20 years, IKEDA has cooperated with many Car freshener brands, Southeast Asia and Eastern Europe are their main markets.

IKEDA’s main products include paste, liquid, pendant, and other types of car fresheners. There are as many as 500 SKUs. The main fragrances are supplied by the world’s top fragrance companies. While ensuring product quality, the supply chain is integrated to achieve high-quality products. Value for money.
If you want to try different types of car fresheners, then you can choose IKEDA.

7. Rituals vent car freshener

The sense of “ceremony” of natural logs in the Netherlands.
The natural log look of Rituals Car Freshener is really tasteful! This is a home + washing care brand from Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Established in 2000. Just like its Chinese name “Ritual”, it gives every little thing in life a subtle sense of happiness.

Ineffectively curbing road rage, the good smell of Rituals car freshener has a say – rice milk cherry blossom, white tea lotus, sweet orange cedar… Each fragrance is neither heavy nor frivolous, cool, and charming, and scents will not hit the niche, and it is suitable for boys and girls.

8. Locherbe car freshener

The gentle Sicilian sea salt Locherber is the fragrance used in many five-star wines such as Four Seasons Hotel and Hilton Hotel in Europe and has now become synonymous with high-end fragrance. It is the brand of Coeval, the first organic group in Europe. Lochben’s car freshener fragrances are all organic plants freshly collected from plantations around the world, which are safe and harmless, and can be used by pregnant women and babies.

To be precise, Locherber’s car fresheners are small portable freshener packs that can be placed in the air vent or other places in the car.

Lochaber freshener is made of cotton and linen cloth with a variety of colors. It has a mild and elegant appearance and ensures the breathability of fragrance diffusion. Inside the fragrance, carrier is sea salt from Sicily, Italy, which is soaked in different fragrance liquids. Sea salt The crystal structure can better lock the aroma, and it is not afraid of drying in high-temperature summer.

The different fragrance types of the Lochaber freshener package are designed for different occasions, and the official recommendation is to provide references for customers to choose from. For example, Venice recommends that it be placed in business and office places, which is very suitable for business vehicles.

9. Millefiori vent freshener

The old Italian freshener brand Millefiori was established in 1994, and low-key luxury is their product concept for car fresheners. It is made of natural rubber, which is also a patented design of Millefiori. The spices are all extracted from natural herbs, suitable for pregnant and infants. The simple lines of the freshener shell look very atmospheric, which is very suitable for business people.

Millefiori’s vehicle-mounted solid freshener is safer than liquid freshener, and it is also very convenient to use. It can be directly inserted into the air outlet of the air conditioner, and the comfortable aroma will slowly diffuse with the wind. The inner core can be replaced directly afterward.

10. Voluspa

The fragrance for the American awards ceremony, Voluspa, is a freshener brand from the United States. It is the designated fragrance for Hollywood awards such as the Oscars. It was founded by perfumer Traci Arntsen and engineer Troy Arntsen in 1999. The main natural flower and fruit fragrance, car freshener The same sweet floral aroma.

Japan’s Chiyo paper is the inspiration for Voluspa’s freshener design, which is complicated and exquisite. This design is also applied to its car freshener.

According to each brand’s main car freshener, I made a table for the top 10 car air fresheners brands.

BrandFeatured ProductsRecommended fragrancePrice range/USD
little treePaper freshenerBlack ICE、Coconut0.75~1
FebrezeBreathable MembraneBlue sky Hawaiian1.8~2.5
Yankee candleGel base jarPink sands Sun sand4~5
CultiVent clipSea Chord, Sap,26
BEAST oh scentSticker  Vent clipclove, sandalwood55
IkedaGel\solid\Liquid Car freshenerCherry, peach, white lotus1~3
RitualsWood vent clip car freshenerAmber and Musk, Dutch Tulip23
LocherbePortable Small Aromatherapy BagCardamom Kapok, Princess, Banksy Wood,26
MillefioriVent clipThe taste of pure oxygen34
VoluspaVent clipTarocco orange40
Quick view for best car air fresheners brands

How to choose car air fresheners brands?

1. Car air freshener price

For most people, car fresheners are a daily consumer product, and you won’t be using them for a long time, so car fresheners priced at $1-5 are good choices, such as little tree, Febreze, IKEDA, I recommend You choose different brands so you can use a different car freshener every month, I’m sure you won’t be using the same scent all the time.

If you enjoy car fresheners very much and are willing to spend more money, then you can try high-end car fresheners, such as Locherbe and Voluspa.

2. Car Freshener Fragrance

Considering that the car is a relatively closed and narrow space, and the driver’s status is closely related to driving safety, I recommend that you choose a car freshener with a refreshing taste such as a mixture of flowers and fruits, fresh fragrance, and wood. or you can check out the fragrance list which I’ve listed.
And, the taste should be elegant. The smell is strong in a small enclosed space, which can easily cause physical discomfort.

For example, Pink sands, Sun sands of Yankee candle, Cherry, Peach, and white lotus of Ikeda.
As a reminder, if you feel sick while using car fresheners, stop using them immediately. or you can see

3. Car freshener usage scenarios

  1. Use in the car or at home
    If you want to choose a car freshener that can be used in a variety of scenarios, such as flowers that you want to use in the car, wardrobe, bathroom, bedroom, etc., then you can consider little tree paper products, or choose IKEDA’s solid, gel-type freshener.
  2. Business
    If you have business needs, you can choose simple car fresheners such as Millefiori and Voluspa. Their simple design and color matching are very suitable for business people.
  3. Of course, there are other considerations when choosing a car freshener, you can check out my previous article: 6 Important points when choosing a car perfume.

For an easier selection of car fresheners, I score the products of each brand according to the three dimensions of each brand’s price, fragrance, and product type optionality, and comprehensively calculate the recommendation index.

BrandPrice ScoreScent ScoreSKU ScoreTotal Score
little tree★★★★★★★★★★★★★★14
Yankee candle★★★★★★★★★★★★12
BEAST oh scent★★★★★★★8
Rank for top 10 car air fresheners brands

Summary of the top 10 car air fresheners

In general, the smell of accessories, smoke, and air conditioners in the car is still relatively serious, which will affect the driver’s state and health.
Therefore, it is recommended that friends with cars start with a car perfume that suits them to improve the interior environment and refresh their minds.
By the way, this article is just a reference, please choose a car freshener according to your own preferences.
If you find this article helpful, please leave a message in the comments section.

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