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Liquid car air freshener 50+

Liquid car air freshener

As a high-end car freshener supplier, we use the natural volatilization fumigation method, the plant essential oil is added to the car freshener bottle made by Seiko, so that it diffuses naturally and slowly in the car, so as to achieve the effect of fragrant environment, sterilization, and deodorization, and refreshing.

glass bottle liquid car perfume freshener
liquid car perfume freshener
liquid glass bottle car perfume freshener
liquid car perfume

Gel & wood car freshener 80+

Solid car air freshener

Producing solid car fresheners is what we are good at.

Solid car fresheners are different from liquid car fresheners. It has many kinds of carriers: wood fiber, gypsum block, solid wood block, colloid, EVA, etc. Different scent carriers can be designed into different styles, which greatly improves the beauty of car freshener. 

gel freshener
square bottle car freshener
scent Wax hanging air freshener
solid wood air freshener
Square box gel air freshener

Hanging air freshener 50+

Hanging car air freshener

There are also many types of materials for car fresheners. The common ones are paper, glass bottles, wax chips, soft pottery, woodblocks, alloys, etc. Car fresheners are usually smaller in size and suitable for use in multiple scenarios. , such as door handles, wardrobes, toilets, etc.

colorful glass bottle hanging car perfume
sandalwood hanging car freshener
spider shaped novelty design car freshener
IKEDA brand Leaves shape paper car air freshener
solid wood car freshener

Vent car freshener 50+

Vent clip car freshener

We have many types of air outlet type car freshener to choose from, there are more than 50 SKUS, the common types are EVA, aluminum alloy, breathable film, etc., which can meet the needs of most customers in the market.

round shape Breathable film vent clip car freshener
organic can wood fiber freshener with outlet holder
thumb shape EVA material car freshener
Alloy metal car vent air freshener
organic can wood fiber freshener with outlet holder
cartoon design vent clip car freshener

We will do more in the future

New coming products

As an innovative freshener supplier, we are still innovating continuously. Next, we will launch a variety of new products such as aromatherapy machines, solar products, rattan aromatherapy, aromatherapy essential oils, etc.

We will strive to work together with like-minded partners.

IKEDA glass bottle electric usb diffuser
round shape solar car freshener
IKEDA fragrance oil
black package scent candle
glass bottle reed diffuser

More than 30+ scents

Fragrance list

Fragrance is the soul of car fresheners. We are the car freshener supplier that pays the most attention to product fragrance. All fragrance essential oils come from the world’s top fragrance manufacturers. We have more than 30 mass-produced fragrance types. If you want Customize the fragrance, our professional perfumers can help you.


Use scenarios of car fresheners

Hotel, Home, Car, SPA, Cupboard, Toilet

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No middlemen, powerful car freshener supplier and manufacturer.

square meters workshop

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We came together because of our love for fragrance and determined to become the leading supplier in the car freshener industry.

What can we support you

Our strength determines that we are an excellent supplier of car fragrances and car fresheners, we can support you in many aspects.


We can help you customize the packaging, appearance, fragrance, etc. By the way, we have already cooperated with partners for more than ten years.

Agent rights

Now there is an excellent opportunity in front of you, that is to become our agent, our brand influence is increasing in Asia and Africa, and our super R&D capabilities will help you develop a larger market.

IKEDA car air freshener manufacture warehouse
Start with low MOQ

We are well aware that every successful business requires time accumulation, we are willing to grow with you, so every agent that cooperates with us, we do not have many requirements for MOQ, we will try our best to help you get business.

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Customer satisfaction with our products is the value of our existence


We are a newly established car freshener company, IKEDA has given us a lot of business help, making my business better and better.


We have cooperated with IKEDA for 5 years. Kay and I get along very well. We will increase our cooperation with IKEDA in 2022.


I have 3 partners in China, the most pleasant one is IKEDA because they always solve my problems in time, which gives me more time to develop the market.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we are car air freshener manufacturers in China, Not only that, We have 20 years of experience in car air freshener production.So it is a wise choice to cooperate with us.

We manufacture car air fresheners and car perfume,such as solid car air freshener,liquid car air freshener,hanging car freshener, car vent freshener, Paper car freshener.

Also we are car air fresheners oem factory,We can customize any car freshener for you.

We not only a car air freshener factory,but also a car air fresheners oem and odm factory.

Over the past 20 years, over 500 clients have turned to us for help customizing their car fresheners, making their business better.

So, If you want to wholesale custom car freshener,Please do not hesitate to contact us, we would like to do our best service for you.

1. Get in touch with us.
2. Confirm your needs, our professional sales staff will help you choose the product.
3. Calculate the final price, confirm the shipping method and payment method.
4. Advance deposit, we will arrange production.
5. Complete the production and pay the balance.
6. Shipping.
7. Track Shipping.
8. Customer sign for receipt.

The above process is the most basic process, if it involves product customization, or you have special needs, we will adjust the procurement process for you.

The most important is that we know that the best way to solve problems is to avoid problems.

20 Years of production and sales experience let we can ensure the stability of the quality of goods and on time delivery.

98% Of customers are very satisfied with our services. However, there are also very few cases that require after-sales. When it happened, We will have a specialized person responsible for after-sales problems.

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