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Do you really know how car perfume diffusers work? today Let’s find it out.

Introduction of car Perfume

Car perfume is a natural volatilization fumigation method, adding plant essential oils into the crystal car aromatherapy bottle made by Seiko so that it diffuses naturally and slowly in the car to achieve the effect of a fragrant environment, sterilization and deodorization, and refreshing.

Features of car perfume

1) Flexible and convenient: insert it into the cigarette lighter to charge the fragrance type flexibly;

2) Scientific and safety: automatic constant temperature heating and evaporation, giving full play to the effect of pure natural essential oils;

3) Natural and healthy: no synthetic volatile components, the fragrance of nature, quite healthy.

The use of car perfume

Cars mainly use essential oils for aroma and deodorization.

Cars have been using air conditioners for a long time, and mold is easy to grow in the air conditioner system for a long time, and the fabrics upholstered in the car are also the base for the breeding of dust. And car maintenance will never help you clean up these uninvited guests. Therefore, essential oils with powerful insecticidal and refreshing functions are the best choice.

The first goal of car essential oils is to eliminate insects and sterilize them, such as tea tree, eucalyptus, lavender, bergamot, lemongrass, clove, citronella, and other essential oils.

Secondly, choose essential oils with refreshing functions, such as bergamot, lemongrass, book lotus (for summer), lemon, etc. as a pleasant smell, especially in summer, it has a refreshing effect. In terms of spirituality, when driving, the traffic situation is sometimes irritating. In order to maintain peace of mind, it is recommended that you use lavender or sweet orange, both of which are helpful for physical and mental balance and spiritual harmony. Most of the flavors of essential oils are compatible, and you can use them according to your preferences.

How to use car perfume

1) Unscrew the bottle cap (plastic part) and pull out the inner plug, then insert the ceramic core into the bottle. When using it for the first time, wait for about 1 hour to allow the ceramic core to inhale enough essential oil.

glass bottle liquid air freshener

2) Tighten the bottle cap (plastic part).

3) Plug the power supply into the car cigarette lighter and it can be used. At this time, the indicator lights of the plug and bottle cap are on, and the plug can be pulled out when not in use. When using it in the room, the special power plug for the car can be replaced with a household transformer (the household transformer must buy it yourself).

4) When adding essential oil, please pull out the ceramic core along the plastic part of the bottle mouth to avoid breaking.

organic can wood fiber freshener with outlet holder

The diffuser bottle is naturally distributed. If you are not careful, put two or three drops on the air-conditioning port (or on the toilet paper first) every time you get on the car, or drop it in the original air aroma device (of course, clean up the original residual first). smell), or drop it on a cotton car decoration pendant for a natural scent. There are also essential oil incense sticks for cars.

Use a glass bottle with a spray head, use 100ML of water + 15 drops of essential oils (1-3 essential oils can be used), and spray them in the car after mixing, which can be used for insecticide and sterilization. If you don’t like the smell of individual essential oils, you can disinfect and sterilize them after getting off the car.

Types and purchase methods of car aromatherapy

Car aromatherapy is divided into six categories: liquid perfume, solid balm, solid incense beads, sachet, spray, essential oil, and carrier medium.

Healthy car fragrances will dominate the car fragrance market and will be favored by consumers. After all, it is a choice that is closely related to our health. Therefore, in a chaotic market, we must be careful not to be “fascinated” by inferior car fragrances. eye.

There are three types of fragrances commonly used in the market: aerosol, liquid, and solid. Aerosol car fragrances are mainly composed of essence, solvent, and propellant, and can be divided into dry mist type and wet mist type. The deodorant in this fragrance can cover some special odors in the car, such as the luggage smell, tobacco smell, fishy smell, and small animal body odor.

Liquid car fragrances are more common car fragrances and have more users. It is a mixture of essences and volatile solvents and is served in a variety of artistically accomplished containers…Solid car fragrance is mainly by mixing the fragrance with some materials, and then press molding. There are also some car interior items made of fragrant materials, such as fragrant flowers made of fragrant fabrics, art desk pens made of fragrant ceramics, etc.

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