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There are many kinds of car fresheners on the market today. how choose them is a difficult thing for many people, maybe you have tried many kinds of car fresheners, but still haven’t found the type you like, so today I will give you a detailed introduction to the different types of car fresheners to help you choose the right.

Main types of car fresheners

1. Liquid car fresheners

Putting liquid perfume into glass bottles or other containers is a common liquid car freshener. It needs to be stuck on the top of the car’s center console or placed in a cup holder. Using this liquid freshener is like putting a bottle of perfume in the car with the lid open. Obviously, it can quickly release the fragrance. If you use a peach-flavored, I believe you will feel It’s like driving in an orchard, you don’t even need to go back to the farm orchard in the countryside. That feeling is desirable. But before you decide to use it, please think about whether your driving is smooth because when the vehicle is violently bumped, the liquid perfume is easy to spill and it is easy to be knocked over, once it happened, your car Like being soaked in perfume, the strong scent will make you pass out.

2. Solid car fresheners

A solid car freshener, which looks like a can, also needs to stick in some places in your car when used, but it is easier to install than the liquid type, which is only 40 -70g weight. Most solid fresheners are made of wood fiber or gypsum as the base of the perfume. Through special technology, the wood fiber, and gypsum can emit fragrance, so it is obvious that they will not knock over when used, even if you drive an F1 car, you don’t have to worry about it, so it is also my favorite type, especially the wood fiber freshener in the picture, a box contains 12 kinds of fragrances, you can enjoy a different fragrance every month, it will not be repeated in a year, and its materials are all environmentally friendly materials, which will not pollute the environment.

3. Vent clip car fresheners

A car air outlet freshener is generally installed at the air outlet of the air conditioner and has a built-in fragrant tablet, which is very convenient. In addition, there are hundreds of shapes of vent clip fresheners on the market, such as helicopter shapes, button shapes, strip shapes, and cartoon shapes, you can buy the shape of all characters in the Marvel series, So this type of freshener will bring you a lot of fun. If you like to put some interesting things in your car, then you can definitely try the air clip freshener. Of course, this type of freshener has one obvious disadvantage. , that is, the lasting time is too short, and its fragrance carrier is really very small. If you don’t mind this shortcoming, then I recommend you try different clip car fresheners to add more fun to life.

4. Hanging car fresheners

Hanging car freshener usually has the paper type and glass pendant type. It needs to be hanging on the rearview mirror of the car, a very simple installation. I personally don’t like to use hanging freshener in the car, I don’t like it dangling in the car, it may affect driving safety, so I usually hang it in a cupboard, in the toilet, or on a doorknob in a room, I prefer to use it indoor, so if you want to use a pendant freshener in the car, please choose a smaller shape, Do not block your view when driving.

5. Portable aroma diffuser

portable diffuser

Aroma diffuser. In recent years, many manufacturers have developed small diffusers, You can place a portable aroma diffuse small aroma diffuser. In recent years, many manufacturers have developed small aroma diffusers. Many people use it in the car. You can place a portable aroma diffuser in the cupholder. You only need to add pure water and essential oil when using it. It can not only purify the air but also increase the air humidity in the car. The moist air can improve the skin and reduce static electricity. Especially in the cold and dry season, it is wise to choose an aromatherapy machine.

6. Solar car fresheners

Solar freshener, this freshener will generate electricity under sunlight, and the electricity will drive the internal motor to rotate, so as to realize the cool operation. I think this product has deviated from the definition of car freshener. It is more like a handicraft with a little perfume. If you like cool things, you can try them. Usually, the company that makes this product is not professional. The manufacturer may use some very ordinary fragrances, so if you don’t have many requirements for the quality of the fragrance, at the same time, you like cool things, then the solar freshener is for you.

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To sum up, today I listed 6 types of car fresheners. After reading these, I think you must have some understanding of different types of car fresheners. and the next step is to choose your favorite type.

If you have anything you want to know, please leave a message in the comment area or send us an email.

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