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Are you looking for car fresheners wholesaler or supplier in Dubai UAE? if yes, do you know where to get the right type for your needs? And do you know how to choose a good car freshener manufacturer or a good car perfume supplier? Getting a good car freshener supplier may not easy as you think.

​You need to understand the basics of car freshener and know what you want in the first place. If you are in UAE, you need to know car air freshener manufacturers within your locality or suppliers from other countries, that you can partner with to get the best car perfumes for your needs.

If you don’t know which type to choose among the many car freshener products. If you don’t know what car freshener supplier to choose in UAE, then this guide will help you to point in the right direction.

let’s take a quick into what you can do.

Car air freshener quick view

What is a car air freshener?

Car air fresheners. also known as “environmental perfumes”, currently the most common method to purify the air environment in the car and improve air quality.

It’s easy to portability, simple to use, and low price. Now air fresheners have become many drivers’ friends to purify the air in the car.

The car freshener has many applications, such as toilets, bedrooms, wardrobes, hotel rooms, and other places.

As we know, car fresheners and air fresheners are common in many cases. so we can also take a look at air fresheners. It is also one of the common consumer products. It helps maintain a pleasant smell and atmosphere in homes, offices, restrooms, and other commercial places.

Air fresheners can mask unpleasant odors and purify the air. Air fresheners use a number of different chemical ingredients: aromatic chemicals, ethanol, deionized water, aerosol propellants, mineral oils, etc. The product comes in a variety of scents and forms, such as candles, sprays, deodorants, oils, inserts, and more.

How to divide the car freshener?

The air freshener market can be segmented by application, product type, consumer type, and country/region.
Based on application, the market has been segmented into corporate offices, residential, automotive, and others.

hospitals, railways, hotels, malls, theaters, government buildings and institutions, and public toilets.
Based on product type, the market is divided into candle air fresheners, aerosol sprays, electric air fresheners, automotive air fresheners, gel air fresheners, and other air fresheners.

liquid, solid, canned perfume, paper, vents, clamps, and crystal beads
By country/region, the market is segmented into Brazil, Argentina, UAE, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Nigeria, and the Rest of LAMEA.

UAE and Middle East car air fresheners market analysis

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Online sales have helped many businesses grow in the Middle East and UAE.

The Middle East air freshener market is expected to grow in 2021-27, according to 6Wresearch.
Increased urbanization, increased spending power, the availability of new automotive freshener products, and increasing demand from automotive consumers are expected to drive the growth of the air freshener market in Saudi Arabia, Iran, Turkey, and Egypt.
In addition, demand for candles and gel air fresheners remains limited in Iran, with only a small percentage of users concerned about indoor air quality in their homes. However, car air freshener is the second largest air care product in Iran.
In Israel, lifestyle trends are rising, people are paying more attention to electric air fresheners.

IKEDA car air freshener manufacture banner

The Middle East air freshener market is expected to witness growth in the coming years.
The growth of air fresheners is supported by several factors, such as cost-effectiveness, easy-to-use features, and odor elimination.
In addition, one of the other factors that attract customers’ attention is product differentiation, such as rose, lavender, and so on.

The wide product range is likely to be one of the leading factors in the growth of the air freshener market.
The use of air fresheners in residential, hotels, and other places is the main driver of the growth of the air freshener market.

IKEDA liquid car perfume freshener

In terms of applications, government and transportation, residential and commercial, automotive, and healthcare verticals are expected to see the greatest demand during the forecast period based on vertical sectors.

Car freshener suppliers in UAE and Middle East

Procter & Gamble
P&g’s air fresheners and car fresheners mainly include air outlet breathable film and spray products. It’s relatively cheap but has few product categories. After all, P&G only takes car fresheners as a small branch business.

little tree
Little Tree is one of the most famous paper fresheners in the United States. The company pioneered paper fresheners that are inexpensive, come in a variety of flavors, and last up to 35 days

IKEDA car air freshener co.,ltd.
IKEDA Car Air Freshener is a multinational supplier specializing in the production of air fresheners and car fresheners. Its products cover liquid freshener, paste freshener, wood fiber freshener, outlet freshener, paper freshener, etc.

organic wood fiber freshener

In recent years, Ikeda’s business market share in Southeast Asia is as high as 20%. Its affordable products, diversified flavors, and excellent quality are deeply loved by consumers. Starting in 2021, Ikeda’s business in the Middle East has expanded rapidly.

Balev ltd
Balev is a specialized supplier of automotive fresheners. Its brand AREON is well known to many consumers

Farcent Enterprise Co. Ltd.
Farcent is a company that specializes in air fresheners and cleaning products that are rarely used in the automotive scene. I won’t repeat it here.

Car air freshener buying guide in the UAE

As we know, the appearance, aroma, price, type, and packaging of car fresheners are different, and these factors may affect consumers’ purchasing behavior.

However, it is difficult for us to pay attention to dozens of influencing factors at the same time. According to the first principle, we can find the two core influencing factors, namely product type and flavor/flavor type.

Car air freshener product types in UAE

Gel car air freshener

Gel car freshener is a product type with low fault tolerance. It has good volatility, stable fragrance, easy transportation, and use, and it also has many application scenarios. so It is a highly accepted product in UAE and other markets worldwide.

However, the carriers of gel car freshener products are oily and water-based, and the price varies greatly. so if you don’t know what kind of paste to choose, you can contact IKEDA product experts.

Organic Wood fiber can air freshener

The wood fiber air freshener uses Organic Fiber as the perfume carrier, and this material is environmentally friendly. The air freshener usually has a lid to adjust the flavor release concentration. Like the paste, it also has a variety of use scenarios.


By the way, the best wood fiber blocks are made in Japan, where All of IKEDA’s wood fiber materials come from.

Paper car air freshener

Paper-type car fresheners advantage is its cheap price, and it has a wide variety of designs. but the paper freshener lasts a short time, only if it is combined with excellent flavor oil, the lasting time will increase.

Paper freshener with yellow pattern

equally important is when you choose a paper freshener supplier, you have to focus on its paper material because many manufacturers use ordinary paper with 0.8mm thickness, This will seriously affect product use.

Liquid car air freshener

Liquid car air freshener is also a highly acceptable product.

Because of the characteristics of the liquid, the fragrance of this type of product will be relatively small (perfume is not easy to leak).

glass bottle liquid car perfume

At this time, when choosing a liquid freshener, you need to pay attention to the quality of the essential oil. Once the essential oil is of Poor quality or low concentration can easily lead to products without fragrance.

Spray air freshener

Spray air fresheners can freshen the air very quickly, but the smell does not last, so the air in the car does not stay fragrant for long.
It’s also important to note that having a tank of high-pressure gas in your car on a hot summer day can be a concern, especially in extreme conditions where the temperature can reach 75 ° C.

little tree brand spray freshener

Solid car air freshener

There are many kinds of solid fresheners, such as solid wood, ceramic, EVA, and others, It’s often relatively small or regionally popular products.

solid wood car freshener

Which car freshener fragrance to choose in UAE

There are many scents of car fresheners, and consumers of different ages and genders in different regions have different preferences.
According to some market information, in recent years there has been a growing demand for exotic and floral fragrances among young consumers in UAE and the Middle East, and many consumers prefer to layer oriental and western types of fragrances together.

Based on market experience, we have summarized a fragrance list, which is convenient for you to quickly understand the fragrances on the market.

Where to find car air freshener wholesalers and suppliers in UAE?

Google. 5 stars
Generally speaking, powerful car freshener suppliers will promote their companies on Google, so the suppliers on Google are of high quality. Of course, you can also contact us, we are entering UAE and other markets in the Middle East.

Alibaba. 4 stars
Alibaba is a world-renowned B2B platform, but in recent years, many inferior suppliers have emerged on the platform, which makes it difficult to determine the true background of a supplier.

Made-in-China. 3 stars
This is only suitable for looking for industrial or machinery-type suppliers

Global Sources .2 stars
The number of Global Sources suppliers is decreasing, so it is difficult to find the right supplier on this platform


Well, the above is the content of today’s article, if you are urgently looking for a car freshener supplier in the Middle East or UAE, please do not hesitate to check our products and contact us.

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