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1. What is a car air freshener?

Air freshener is composed of ethanol, essence, deionized water, and other ingredients. It covers odor by emitting fragrance and relieves people’s uncomfortable feeling of odor.

Car air fresheners, also known as “environmental perfumes” are currently the most common method to purify the air environment in the car and improve air quality. Due to its easy portability, simple use, and low price. air fresheners have become many drivers’ first choice to purify the air in the car.

Its working principle is also very simple, that is, adding a small amount of medicament to the odorous substance, achieving the purpose of deodorization through a chemical reaction, and using strong aromatic substances to conceal the odor.

Therefore, many air fresheners do not actually remove the odor in the car, but only cover the odor with a pleasant fragrance.

2. Causes of peculiar smell in the car

Reason 1: The odor caused by plastic, leather, or rubber products.

If most of the accessories in the car are made of plastic parts, leather, or rubber products, there will be a certain odor, and these odors mainly appear on new cars.

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    Reason 2: The decorations added by yourself are of inferior quality.

People often add some decorations to the car, such as seat covers, steering wheel covers, anti-skid pads, etc. In order to save money, many people choose products with low prices, various styles, and inferior materials, which leads to the installation of the car. It will release a lot of harmful gases, causing the air in the car to be dull and even smelly.

Reason 3: Bad behavior when using the car.

In addition, the bad habits of car owners will also make the air quality in the car poor, such as smoking in the car, bringing pets into the car, and infrequent cleaning, which makes the smell in the car complicated and affects the air quality. Moreover, in a closed space, it is easy to breed various bacteria, molds, and other microbial pathogens. It will definitely affect the health of the occupants in the car.

Reason 4: The air conditioner and air outlet have not been cleaned for a long time.

The cleaning of the air outlet of the air conditioner is also very important. If it is not cleaned regularly, the stains will be mildewed, and it will also produce a peculiar smell. In addition, the air conditioner evaporator will also breed bacteria and mildew, which is also the reason for the odor in the car. In summer, the air conditioner in the car is used for a long time, and the windows are closed, which leads to the weakening of the airflow in the car.

3. The harm of poor air quality in the car

According to the test results of many authoritative inspection agencies on the air inside vehicles in recent years, the air quality in many vehicles is worrying.

In particular, the air in the newly purchased vehicle contains many toxic substances that are seriously harmful to human health, which is always endangering people’s health. Among them, chemical residues such as formaldehyde and toluene are the most harmful.

Not only the smell is unbearable, but also seriously harmful to human health, mainly manifested in an abnormal sense of smell, irritation, allergy, abnormal lung function, abnormal liver function, abnormal immune function, etc. At the same time, after the suspended particles led by carbon monoxide are inhaled into the human body, they will also cause functional disturbances such as human perception, reaction, understanding, and memory. Especially driving in such a car environment for a long time, will become a driving safety hazard for more prone to drowsiness, lethargy, and sometimes even dizziness.

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Since the air conditioner in the car is often turned on in summer, experts remind that the air in the car cannot be effectively circulated, resulting in a decline in the air quality and poor breathing in the car.

At the same time, due to the poor air mobility in the car, the oxygen content will decrease, which will easily cause dizziness and brain swelling and affect driving safety, especially for long-distance driving. To this end, the use of air fresheners in the car should be used reasonably to improve the air quality in the car, return a fresh environment in the car, and travel safely.

4. How to improve the air quality in the car

Since the main cause of poor air quality in the car is the lack of fluidity in the car, opening the windows for ventilation is naturally the best solution.

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But in the hot summer, the air conditioner needs to be turned on and the windows are closed. To this end, experts recommend that after the car is started, the windows should be opened to allow fresh air to enter the car, and the windows should be closed after a period of time.

Reasonably rotate the inner/outer circulation mode of the air conditioner. After getting on the highway, you can use the “outside circulation” mode of the air conditioner in the car to let in the outside air.

When you come to the road section where the car is congested and the exhaust emission is serious, you should switch to the “internal circulation” mode in time. At the same time, experts also suggest that the air in the car can also be purified by using a reasonable combination of air fresheners in the car.

Take a two-pronged approach to improve the air quality in the car and protect the health of your family. 5.The benefits of using a car air freshener


5. The benefits of using a car air freshener

1) The price is cheap.

2) Easy to use. Generally, the commonly used air fresheners are of the aerosol type, which can be used immediately after spraying, and do not require any supporting facilities in the car.

3) There are many flavors to choose from. For some drivers who love fragrances, especially female drivers, the attractive fragrance of air fresheners is also the main reason to attract them to buy.

6. How to properly use car air fresheners

1) Be sure to eliminate the source of odor in the car before using the air freshener. You can first use a car vacuum cleaner to remove the dirt on the roof, door trims, seat gaps, and carpets;  frequent cleaning of glove boxes, ashtrays, etc.; regular disinfection, for seat covers that breed mold in the car can be sterilized by disinfecting water and sun exposure after cleaning; keep the air conditioner clean, and use air outlet disinfectant appropriately.

2) It is best to use naturally volatile solid and liquid fresheners.

3) When spraying air fresheners, it is best to wait a while before entering the car.

4) Don’t choose low-quality air fresheners for cheap.

7. Choose your favorite car fresheners

If you don’t know about car air fresheners yet, then you can first learn about common car fresheners.

If you don’t know which brand of car freshener you should choose, then you can check this article 2022 top 10 car air fresheners brands.

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